In 2011 after my husband and father of my children (then 14&11) was killed in an accident, I lost much of my joy, I lost myself, I had no idea how I would keep going or find Joy again. Blessing others became more difficult and life as I knew it changed forever. God began working in my life in a mighty way and He was faithful to never leave me. My faith became stronger and my outlook on life changed. The things I used to think were important, didn’t seem so important anymore. God fulfilled his promise that I would not live the rest of my life alone. Max and I married in 2012 and we have two beautiful children together. Our blended family is one of the most amazing blessings I have ever received. 

"Follow your dreams and always be a blessing to others."

As a young child I remember my Dad teaching me the basics of photography.  I was always fascinated with how a smile could be captured in an image and the emotion of a person could be cherished forever. I developed a love for telling stories with pictures and enjoyed photojournalism in high-school and into adult hood.  As I mastered one technique, I found myself searching for education and training on the next. My “hobby” soon turned into a side job. My evenings and weekends became full of capturing memories for the people I love.

As a Hospice nurse I was able to meet some of the most magnificent people who have ever lived. You become part of their family and they in a way become part of yours. Marilyn was a wonderful caregiver for her father and a True Blessing to me for many years. We shared many things in common, The love of Cardinals and the color teal were two that we could always count on.  True Blessings Studio was just a thought in my mind for so many years. Before Marilyn passed away in 2017, She encouraged me to follow my dreams and to always be a blessing to others.

In 2018 we opened True Blessings Studio in Abilene, Kansas. Today, we continue to serve the Abilene and surrounding area with professional portriat and commercial photography with the only full service studio in the area.  

Kristy Kohman